Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cash Update

It's been crazy around the Cash home! Here's a few things that we have been up to...

Todd: He's busy working as always! He's working real hard (okay Kory's working real hard) to get our house done by the beginning of June. He started working out at the gym (only after 3 months of talking about it!). He's been busy figuring out 11 year old scouts and preparing for fathers and sons. Traekon has been talking about fathers and sons this whole week. On the weekends Todd can be found riding his dirt bike with friends. He's decided that he needs a 450 and wants to sell his 250. I say he's crazy and that he should just stay alive!!:)

Kuli: I survived mothers day, but just barely. I have two wonderful own and my mother in law. They are two women who I look up to and love dearly! I know this is late but I'm so grateful for them both. I've become the newest member of the Albuquerque taxi services. I mostly drive for Traekon and he doesn't tip well at all:) We just listed our house so I'm trying to keep up with the house work in case someone wants to come look at this beautiful home that I know someone wants to purchase! I've been trying to change things up a little and use all new recipes which requires me to be searching down every aisle of the grocery store to find one ingredient that i've never heard of in my life (very frustrating!). Some recipes have been a hit...and some, well lets just say I have frozen pizza waiting just in case! I finally feel like I've got down the whole primary president thing, but who knows? not me!!! I haven't been to the gym in a week because of sickness and I'm desperately waiting to be able to go back.

Traekon: In the last month Traekon has finished soccer, started golf, finished golf, and started ju jitsu. He's been to the zoo, nature center, and bowling with his class. I happen to be one of the only mothers with a background check so I've also been priveleged to go on these fieldtrips with 20 high spirited kindergarteners! He is starting to get the hang of reading and loves to read me books at night. He learned how to skip the monkey bars at school and came home with a blister the size of his palm that had torn open while mastering the skip! He can't wait for school to be out so he can "live with his cousins during the summer" (his words). He's already complaining aobut 1st grade. UGH!! He gave his first fhe lesson and did a good job! He's excited to go to fathers and sons and has been talking about it since he knew it was coming.

Kenzi: She just performed in her preschool play this last Tuesday and ended up throwing up in the middle of it. She was so sad that she had to leave:( She puts on her swimsuit everyday and plays with the hose until dark! Her favorite past time lately is to find snails in my flowers and step on them. It's pretty gross, but they gotta die cause they kill our flowers! She wants so badly to join her brother in ju jitsu but is to young. She still cant stand buttons and lives in dresses. She is going to have a horse party for her birthday and cant wait. She loves all things to do with horses!

Ashton: He's as busy as ever. Somehow he fell and busted his upper lip on the table (i wasn't there to witness so I'm not sure exactly what happened). Todd thought he needed stitches so took him to urgent care only to sit for 2 1/2 hours and then get up and leave before the doctor even saw him. It's healing okay but he'll probably have a scar. He loves "pockers" also known as popcicles and asks for them ALL day long! He's into Dora all of a sudden and won't except any other cartoon. He is saying so much and learning so much from his older brother and sister. He learned how to climb down from the top bunk and how to unlock his door, so again we are back to square one with the sleeping. He hates all nutritional food and wants only junk food. He is a lover of sippy cups of milk!

That's about it for now. maybe I'll post pictures later, but don't count on it:) Life is to busy to sit around for them to upload!!