Sunday, January 10, 2010

5k , turkey day

Lehua had talked me into running the turkey trot (which is a 5k) when we dropped Ashton off on our way to Disneyland. The run was to be Thanksgiving day. First a little background...I'm not a RUNNER! Maybe a sprinter, but I don't even really consider myself that. I only ran track because the track coach talked me into it. For those of you who know the Natividad girls we can't let a challenge pass us by so I said yes knowing in my head that I was going to die. I ran on the treadmill twice while on vacation and then when we got back to az Lehua, Kanani(who i talked into doing it also...sucker!), and myself took to running mon, tues, and wed, morning. Stupid! Thursday morning comes along and Todd decides to run it also, just so he could say he never trained and beat us anyway. Needless to say I made it the 3.2 (or whatever it is) miles. I never stopped to walk which was my goal. Lehua and Kanani and yes even Todd beat me, but hey for someone who doesnt' run I was quite proud of myself! I dry heaved a couple of times when I crossed the finish line, but I DID IT!! Good feeling... The kids even joined in and did the fun run, which was a mile. Good memories!

Before the Race
right before dry heaving!

After the tukey trot we ate our little hearts out. I wanted to eat a whole pie, because hey i just ran a 5k. We celebrated at the Brown Casa. It was the blairs, dodges, cashes, my dad and robert, and one of Blains brothers families. Great food and great company! After binging me, malia, kanani, and lehua headed to phoenix for black friday. We went to "New Moon" which was 100 times better then Twilight. That was the best part of the trip. Black friday was all we expected. Lines, almost getting trampled, lines, rude people, lines, and more lines. It was only fun because I was with my sisters! Somehow we made it back to Pima with no sleep. Good job Malia for returning us safely. I think there was a lot of loud singing and sugar?! Apparently my sisters are just as bad at taking pictures as I am. We didn't get one picture of us standing in line at 3 in the morning. Who does that?! At the time I remember being grateful for a great eternal family!!
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Disneland, 5k, Thanksgiving

So remember that trip I mentioned way back in October? We did go unbeknown to the blogging world! It was AWESOME! My great sister Lehua took pity on us and offered to keep Ashton. I think that was the best part:) I love the kid, but he would have had no fun sitting in the stroller the whole week. Traekon and Kenzi absolutely loved it. Kenzi especially. We checked the height requirements before hand and rigged up some special shoes so that she could be tall enough to ride most the rides. Nothing a tall soled pair of boots and socks balled up, shoved in the heel couldn't handle. It gave her the three inches she needed and we were all grateful for that! She didn't want to stop to eat, meet the princesses, go to the bathroom... she just wanted to ride and ride. A girl after her own moms heart. Todd was even pleasant. It helped that there was hardly anyone there. 20 minutes tops was the longest we had to wait. We went to disneyland, cali adventure, sea world, and the beach. We ate great food and spent lots of money. What could be better then that? It was so much fun, and I can't wait for our next family trip!!