Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Party McCain Palin Style

My awesome good friends threw a costume party for my b-day today. The theme was to dress up as couples. I came up with McCain/Palin, but todd wanted to be a white trash couple. Course I won:) It turned out really cute. There was some awesome costumes and great company. Audrey again came through with a super cute cake. She totally needs to start her own company (hint, hint)! The girls' amazing! I wish again that I would have taken more pics of everyones costumes. Anyway thanks to all who made my b-day perfect. Oh by the way, my wonderful husband surprised me by having a driver in a black lincoln(i think) type car come pick me up and take me to La Bella where I was pampered from a full body swedish massage, facial, and pedicure and then finished up with a lunch at red lobster. It was my favorite birthday by far (he was making up for the last 6 years:)) Can everyday be my b-day? Can we do it all again tomorrow?!?

The Haunted Mansion Cake! (told ya it was good!)

McCain and Palin with our Hippie friends Cortney and Logan

Trunk or Treat Time

We love trunk or treat! It's one night(okay we do it halloween night too) that we get to pig out on candy and not eat any dinner and then be super sick with tummy aches! But it's all worth it right. This year Traekon was peter pan, Kenzi was Belle, and Ashton was squirt off of finding nemo. Some how I managed to not get a picture of them all together. Figures! I could possibly be the worst picture taker in the world:(

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Super Star!

Traekon had is primary program today and was asked to sing a solo acapella. I've been prepping him for about a month in fear that he would get up to the pulpit and freeze. We practiced and practiced even though I knew he knew the words as well as saying his own name. I've been telling him that the presidency picked him cause he was the best little singer(which to me is not a lie:) It's pretty scary singing a solo, but acapella too? That takes guts. He was the closing song and as he walked up to the microphone I could see the look of terror on his face. I thought "oh no, he's not going to do it and I'm going to have to go up and sing with him" quickly I wispered in his ear ( I had to sit up there to help children be reverent) that we would make his favorite cookies when we got home if he did good. He stood up there like a champ and sang his little heart out! I had a sister in my ward tell me later that half way through the song he closed his eyes. She said it was like he was going to his happy place. I'm sure he was freaked out about all the people staring at him! I wish that I would have invited more family to come and witness the "tug at the heart" song that was performed so perfectly this morning! He was the perfect ending to a perfect program. It's little tender mercy moments like these that keep me going everyday! GOOD JOB Traekon!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ashton's Ear Tubes

Poor little Ashton has had ear infections every other month since he was born. So enough was enough! We got him an appointment with the ENT and they made us go and get an audiogram first. They tested him and said that he could hear almost as well as someone under water. After meeting with the ENT he scheduled an appointment for tubes. YOO HOO! He has never been a good sleeper so I'm hoping that the tubes will help. His surgery was yesterday. The actual procedure is 10 minutes max, but of course we had to sit there for 2 hours. Supposedly they were going to keep us an hour in the recovery room but after 1o minutes of ashton screaming they let us go:) Pays to cry! Anyway everything went great and the little stinker even slept throught the night. Hopefully it stays that way for my sake! Yea for ear tubes!!!!

Wise Cash's

We bought a piece of land back in the spring and thought we'd be building on it the next month. Of course we thought we were back in Thatcher and that we'd get everything approved and ready to go withing weeks...things didn't go quite as easy as that. We finally got everything approved after 6 months and were so excited to get started. HA! We didn't think to remember that we live on top of a hill that is pretty close to an old volcano:( Yep our piece of land is one big ROCK. Super hard Lava rock to be exact. We really wanted a basement instead of an upstairs so determined little Todd got to work! It took about a month to get it all busted out. 75 loads of rock later we(okay not we, but todd and his crew) finally have it level to pour. Wow! But hey the wise men built his house upon a rock, right!?!


(That's a wall of rock!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hair show junkies!

This past weekend I was able to go to a hair show in Phoenix with my in-laws (mom cash, April, and Kamron). It was great fun! I totally stole these pictures from April's blog. She did such a great job telling what we did that I'm going to direct you to her blog if you want better details:) Seriously though, what could be better then shopping, eating, hanging out with people you love, and getting some awesome bargain deals! Nothing!!! Thanks girls for all the memories and good laughs. When you check out April's blog make sure you read about our thrift store extravaganza cause it's totally awesome. Hopefully I'll have some great pictures to post real soon of the whole funny story:)!!!

Doing what we girls do best...EATING!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

General Conference

I am so grateful for parents who instilled a love of general conference in me. It is always so neat to hear the leaders of our church teaching and testifying of our Savior. I have never met President Monson or even seen him in person, but I know just from watching him on my tv that he is our Prophet. That he was called by our Heavenly Father to lead us. It's amazing to me the feelings of love and reverence I have for him. I felt like he was talking to me when he spoke about having "joy in the journey". Lately I feel like I'm just hanging on, surviving maybe... but definitely not feeling joy at the same time. It really made me reflect on what I have set as my top prioirity (a clean house) and what I really need to have at the top! President Monson mentioned that there may be toys scattered all over the floor and laundry piling over, but those years will go by way to fast. So today I'm making a pledge to myself to not worry so much about the beds unmade, the dirty unorganized cupboards, the never ending laundry and focusing more on enjoying my three precious children who want nothing more but to feel my love. I'm going to put down my scrub brush more often and read a book, play a game, or color. That can't be to hard, right?!? It isn't so thats what I'm going to do starting today! JOY IN THE JOURNEY!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Busy little bee!

Ashton loves to color with the kids, but me...I don't like it so much when he does cause it ends up lookin like the pictures above. Yep, he bit the tip off the marker. His favorite is eating the crayons and biting off the erasers of the pencils. All you wise mothers out there are thinking well don't let him color. You try keeping a year and half year old from climbing up the bar stools that he's been climbing since 10 months. He will find a way up no matter what! Believe me I've tried everything. He's just to crazy busy for his own good!


Traekon is half way through his soccer season and has turned out to be quite a good little player. I don't want to sound like that really annoying mother who brags about her children all the time, but darn that kid can run! He might just be my track star. Todd really wants him to be good at basketball, so naturally the solution is to move back to the gila valley so that he can do it all! Only in a small town can you accomplish that. Not to mention he could play soccer for alot cheaper there. I spent a fortune on that cute little uniform he is going to wear for two months:( Oh least he's having fun and not sitting around watching tv right!

Kenzi starts school! (Okay like a month ago)

Kenzi started school! It was like a month ago, but better late then never right. She loves it! She got to go on her first field trip yesterday to an airport that smaller planes fly in and out of. Of course I forgot the camera so I'll just tell about it without the pictures to back it up. She got to sit in a little four seater airplane, but sitting was just not enough. She really wanted to go up in the airplane. She was pretty burnt when she didn't actually get to leave the ground! For the most part she had a pretty good time.