Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crazy Cash boys!

Last weekend we headed to elephant butte with the Dodge's, Brown's, and Todd's brothers and had loads of fun(pictures will be posted later:)! But to add to the fun Todd , Kory, Aaron, Tannin, and Seth decided to build a bike ramp. Todd had found a bmx bike at the thrift store before we left and couldn't help but bring it along with us. These boys are CRAZY! Us wives thought for sure that someone was either going to die or get hurt , but surprising they all pulled it off and even attempted some pretty cool tricks! Kory put together this little video and put it on utube so I thought you could all enjoy!

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

Happy FOURTH of JULY! We had alot of fun with Lehua coming to visit us here in albuquerque! Our ward always has a pancake breakfast and bike parade for the kids so we loaded up our decorated bikes and scooters and headed to the church. After the parade we headed to the zoo (which I thought that no on would be at because it was the fourth, but I guess everyone thought that!). It was okay, but hot! Then we headed to a the Halls house to swim. They are actually out of town, but they gave todd the keys... are they crazy or what! Thanks Halls! Then we came back home and bbq'd, let off a few fireworks and put the tired little children to bed. What a fun filled day!

Cash Bash

Todd's family had a one day family reunion a couple of weekends ago and like usual I didn't get many pictures. I'm horrible about getting the camera out of my bag and then even more horrible at getting any really good pictures! It was a fun day filled with four square, good food, an auction, more good food, and good company. I love getting together with Todd's family! Traekon was in arizona spending some time with his other cousins so thats why there are no pictures of him.

Almost got her!

Todd giving everyone a heart attack as usual!