Friday, May 23, 2008

oops... I forgot to tag 5 people so... April, Ali, Camille, Jen, and Katie are the lucky number 5!:)
Alright Becky... this is my very first tag so here I go...

How to play this game. Post these rules on your blog; List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

3 joys: 1. My cute little fam 2. Going on a date with my hubby 3. Getting a whole nights sleep

3 fears: 1. Unexpected death of my family 2. Being fat/unattractive my whole life 3. someone kidnapping my children

3 goals: 1. Enjoying being a mom more! 2. Cooking more(more nutritional stuff) 3. Exercising every day

3 current obsessions/collections: 1.blogging 2. shopping(bad, bad, bad!) 3. reading

3 random facts: 1. I love to ride my kids scooter... I know random, but fun! 2. I can't diet for the life of me! I've tried, but fail everytime:( 3. I would rather give birth(not counting the recovery time) then throw up. (I just had the stomach flu...and have c-sections so it's not to bad)

Rockin 50's Party

Wow...I need to figure out how to do a slide show! Anyway Kenzi's 3rd birthday was this week and one of my good friends here in alb. talked me into doing a 50's party cause she already had everything for it. The Moody's also just purchased a jumping dragon, so they graciously let us borrow it (Thanks Moody's)! We ate hot dogs and hamburgers with french fries, that we put in the cute diner looking baskets. We had coke in the glass bottles and had cherry and vanilla flavoring to go inside if wanted. The kids jumped there little hearts out, which was great cause we didn't even have to do any little games:) We did have a pinata, which is a must at a birthday party! After the pinata we sang and had banana splits and shakes instead of cake. Kenzi then opened presents and thouroughly loved every minute of it! She made out like a bandit with all her cute toys, pajamas, dress up clothes, and last but not least her new scooter! Todd was quite the trooper...he was very reluctant to wear his costume, but in the end I know he had a blast! What a fun night!!!

Piano Recital

Concentrating or Scared?

Traekon's been in piano for about 2 months now and just had his first recital. He did so awesome! I think he was more into it then any of the other students. He concentrated so hard he almost looked scared...or was he so scared that he looked like he was concentrating?!?!

taking a bow

Alone time!

This is what happens when mom and dad try to have some alone time in the middle of the day...serves us right! It was throughout the whole house.

Traekon's preschool graduation

(Traekon's costume he made all by himself. He was a dinosaur, but couldn't help but add a few trucks too!)

A lot has been going on these past few weeks and I'm barely getting to update with all the fun things that have happened! So bare with me as we get through everything! First... our sweet baby boy has graduated to becoming our big almost kindergartner! Has 5 years really gone by? Traekon just can't say enough about how much he loved his preschool and his teachers and neither can I. It is by far the best preschool out there! Okay, I'm a little biased but they truly made this year so fun and memorable for us. Instead of doing a usual graduation ceremony they had the kids pick there favorite things that they learned about and made a play out of it. The kids even made up there own lines. It was great! Traekon was a parasauralophoraus dinosaur and was definitely the best looking one up there. Hands down!!! It's hard for me to believe that I now get to send him out into the world (okay just kindergarten), but to me it feels like the world! He will be going from 9-4 everyday. Part of me is so ready for him to go, but part of me is crying inside! Is my little boy ready to face the real world? I can only cross my fingers and pray that we have taught him enough to make it through this deranged world! I know, i know it's only kindergarten, but this is the beginning of me no longer having complete control!

Shaking his moracca's for a song.

Saying his part

Singing a song!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

No more preboarding!

Todd had father and sons this weekend so I decided to fly to vegas and visit my sister leilani.  I flew with all three kids last year and it went pretty good so I thought for sure I could handle 2 easily.  I decided I would take ashton's car seat and put him in it and then hold kenzi.  Well to make a long story short I get to the gate and I'm waiting for them to preboard...I've got my double stoller with ashton hooked into his front facing carseat which is hooked on the back seat of the stroller.  Everyone was looking at me like "Are you serious...two kids all by yourself?!" Little do they know I got another one at home:) They call for all preboarders and so I head up there.  The steward at the gate just looked at me and said "Oh we don't preboard children anymore."  You have got to be kidding me!  So i sit back down and wait for them to board the "B" passengers.  Okay so I'm still feeling okay about this, but then it's time to board.  I get down the gate and start letting everyone go past me cause I have to take down my stroller.  I get it down and grab ashton figuring it will be easier to keep him in the car seat, I have kenzi hold my pant leg and I head into the airplane.  I walk in and's completely packed.  So to my dismay I start heading to the back of the plane holding ashton's car seat up above everyones heads because it doesn't fit down the aisle.  I have to apologize to everyone as I walk by because the car seat straps are knocking them in the heads.  AHHH I'm totally sweating bullets, it's actually dripping down my forehead.  So I finally get to the very back of the plane, my arms are killing me, I'm sweating, I sit down get everyone adjusted and reach for the diaper bag for ashton's sippy... but there is no bag. Yep I left it in the terminal.  So I grab a steward and pleadingly ask them to watch my children ( I know crazy, but I wasn't going to drag them out of that airplane) and to hold the plane.  I bolt off the plane and luckily it's sitting right where we left it.  I get back on the plane stressed to the max!  Amazingly my children are little angels and both fall asleep right after take off.  I fly home tomorrow and if it's anything like this so help me!!!