Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Last weekend we had the PARTY of the CENTURY! It was by far the funnest party we have ever had and probably will never get topped! Michelle and Max Wade were kind enough to donate a horse party for Paradise Hills Preschool to auction off at there silent auction. I wasn't able to make it to the auction, but told my husband to "win that party". He took it to heart and aren't we all grateful! The Wade's along with several volunteers worked so hard to make it a fun party for the kids and they totally succeeded. They are such QUALITY people and I'm so grateful for there kindness. Some of the activities included painting a horse, riding the horses, playing with lizards, horseshoes, panning for gold, coloring wooden horses, playing on a tower of hay bales, and camping out with tent and all. We cooked hot dogs and had a "boot" pinata. Each of the kids got a hat, a handkerchief, and a sheriff badge. They all looked super cute in there get up! There was not a better way to celebrate for a little girl who LOVES all things to do with horses.


The lizards were a big hit

Cowboy Max and Keri helping Kenzi and Kylee paint Cochise

waiting for a turn to hit the pinata

Grams getting down and dirty with the lizards!

All the cowboys and cowgirls

Special thanks to:
The Wade family for all there hard work and all of there awesomeness!
Trish for scheduling the party!
The volunteers who gave up there saturday to help out!
Todd for winning the party!
The weather for cooperating!
The cousins, aunties, uncles, and grandparents for traveling to celebrate with us!
And lastly Kenzi for coming to our family and bringing joy!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Just thought I'd stick with tradition and blog Kenzi's birthday late. We won't say how much later, but hey at least I'm blogging! We are having a horse party next weekend so we didn't do to much on her actual birthday, but none the less it was fun! She had a field trip to village pizza for school that day. They got to make there very own pizza. I tagged along and took some yummy goodies to give to her class. Her class sang to her and she got a special birthday hat. After that we headed to target. I decided we were going on a shopping spree for her birthday. I let her pick out what she wanted (with limits!). She picked out some new dresses, a swimsuit, a slip n slide, a new crazy sprinkler, sunglasses, a bug vaccum (super fun!) and gardening gloves to help me in the flower garden. It was so much fun to just spend some quality time with Kenzi. She picked out things that I wouldn't have thought of, so it was nice to have her pick everything! I didn't even have to wrap them. It was great! I am so grateful for my sweet Kenzi. She is such a good little helper and is always thinking of others. Her preschool teachers told me that she is a poster child and is such a joy in class. She is super independant which can be a little rough to handle sometimes, but it will come in handy as she gets older. Thank goodness she is the way she is cause she's going to have to fight off the boys. If you haven't noticed by her pictures she is in my opinion the prettiest little girl around! I love you Kenzi!!! Happy 4th Birthday