Friday, August 14, 2009

wow! Summer really is gone and here I sit wondering where it went! We did lots of fun things this summer. Just to name a few things, Az to visit family, awesome birthday parties, the Butte (our fav lake), back to az to see wicked, the alb zoo, the aquarium, swimming, sprinklers, slip n slide, cousins, primary activities, popsicles, awesome tans:), Utah, Idaho, and hanging out with friends! Yep that pretty much took up the whole summer. Our latest adventure was to Utah and Idaho. In Utah we visited family and Idaho we got to visit the Hall's. We had a blast. So much that I told Todd i wanted to stay! fun times:) Now we're home and ready to start school. I found out today while taking Traekon to meet his teacher that he is way to cool to hold my hand. When did that happen? I'm not sure, but I'm guessing it's a 1st grader thing:( He's growing up way to fast. Life seems to just keep barreling forward without my permission.

Todd is still busy as ever with work and finishing up our house which seems to never end. I'm busy with children and the latest...trying to figure out a primary program. Today I got to participate in a hula workshop. It reminded me how much I love to hula dance and has motivated me to try to find a halua so I can continue to learn. Traekon is gearing up to start school, soccer, and ju jitsu. He's excited to start school. Kenzi is getting ready for preschool and hopefully gymnastics (if I can get my act together). I've been saying that i'm putting her in gymnastics for like a year now. After watching "So you think you can dance" (best show ever) I'm having a hard time deciding between dance or gymnastic. Maybe I should ask her opinion?! Ashton is as crazy as ever. We found out this summer that he is our little fish. He'll jump in the water without any hesitation and fight his way to the top. It's hilarious, but scary at the same time. He can hold his breath better then me. He doesn't want any help from us and tells us to move so he can do it himself. He's my crazy Cash!

Life is good!