Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sneaky Little Girl!

I had a bunch of kids at my house last night and with the whirlwind of kids I lost track of Kenzi. Don't worry she found her way back to me though and this is what she looked like. Guess I'm going to have to hide the makeup bag now. Bummer!

Slave Drivers

Yeah...We like to start them out young!

Princess Ashton?!

Ashton absolutely loves his big sisters princess shoes! He wears them around the house all day. He especially loves the sound it makes on the kitchen floor. He keeps us laughing!

What daddy does best!

I realized the other day that I don't have Todd in many of the things I blog, so this post is dedicated just for him! This is what our daddy does best:) I guess you better be good at what you have to do all day right?!? Todd is a fuel broker and absolutely loves it. So basically he sales fuel to people all day requiring him to be on the phone all day. He is also working with his brother Kory with construction so he's a pretty busy guy. All the other wives are pretty jealous because he gets things done around the house. He loves to start projects around the house to make it look great and does a fabulous job of it! He's an awesome husband and daddy. We love him very much!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kindergarten Here We Come!

The day finally arrived! Traekon started kindergarten today(hallelujah) I mean...sniff, sniff! NOT there was no tears in this mothers eyes! Don't get me wrong, I love my traekon bug, but he was so ready to go and after this summer I have been ready for him to go too. I thought it would be hard, but it was great to see another step forward in his life. We have been counting down the days for probably a month now! Everyday has been "who is coming over", "who's house am i going to", "i'm bored", "when are we going to do something fun".... Hence the reason why i'm excited for him to go. It is pretty crazy that I have a kindergartner though! We sat down with him and had a good talk about always choosing the right, being a good example, and being nice to everyone even if they are different then you speech. Then Todd gave him a blessing which was great(thank goodness for the priesthood)! I think I was able to get all the tears out last night. I know that he will do awesome. Watch out kindergarten cause here we come!

5 bags of supplies for kindergarten...who knew?!?!

A very happy mommy!

Already makin friends

Friday, August 8, 2008

8 Facts

1. I just finished reading the last book of the twilight series and loved, loved, loved it!....which brings me to my next fact...

2. I totally want to be a VAMPIRE!! Those of you who are twilight fans know what i'm talking about.

3. I love vanilla pepsi from pima freeze!

4. I could eat out everyday if i didn't feel bad about spending the money or didn't worry about the nutritional content.

5. I love bubble gum ice cream minus the bubble gum.

6. I'm really bad at remembering peoples birthdays that are not in my immediate family. (sorry extended family and friends!)

7. I'm a social bug. I hate sitting at home doing nothing.

8. I can not for the life of me stay awake when todd is driving! Drives him nuts. I feel bad about it and try really hard to stay awake, but it is literally impossible for me!

I tag those of you who would like to join the fun and give it a try!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lake Fun!

The building of the ramp! Doesn't that look real safe?!? I still can't believe that none of them got hurt. Boys will be boys i guess!
This is there bike run
Aaron doing a 360

Todd backflippin

Aaron heel clicking

So we kept catching ashton drinking the lake water...totally gross! I don't know what his deal is but if there is any type of puddle anywhere his k9 instincts come out and he's instantly on his hands and knees lapping up the water like a little puppy. I know nasty! We couldn't keep him from doing it. I knew for sure he was going to get some sort of parasite, but we got lucky. After we loaded the jet ski's this is what lehua captured ashton doing. If you can't tell he is drinking the water that is dripping off the trailer!

Playing in the sand is always a favorite for the kids! Kenzi was so content to just lay there buried. To bad ashton didn't like it much cause it was a good little babysitter!

Lehua's hubby Aaron said he had to get a shot of what the natividad girls do best when we all get together! It's sad but true. Lehua may be the skinniest but man that girl can down the food! Her and Kanani got all the natividad genes...and me (don't get me wrong, i love my McBride blood) I inherited the not so skinny McBride gene..grrrrr!!!!!! And no, I did not eat all of those muffins!!