Tuesday, April 28, 2009


When I saw this scout background I couldn't resist...this is pretty much what runs through my head all day. SCOUTS!! Any other primary presidents out there who can't seem to fill holes in there scouting programs? By the end of this calling I want to know the ins and outs of scouts! It's my goal. I will know SCOUTS dang it!!!

Crazy Fun!

So I think I'm probably the last sister to blog about this, but me and my awesome sista's went on a Crazy fun trip to Utah. How much crazy, fun can you have in Utah (your asking in your head?) Well when we sisters get together it's always that way! I flew out of Albuquerque on Wednesday afternoon and flew to Phoenix to meet Kanani, Lehua, and Malia for our joining flight to Salt Lake. Of course the first thing we did when I got there was head straight for cinnabon. Much to our disappointment it wasn't as good as the mall Cinnabons!

Our flight was delayed about an hour but we made the best of it. On the plane we made some friends. The guy that sat next to me and Kanani thought we all looked the same age, offensive to me, but exciting for the oldies Malia and Kanani(jk girls!!!) Come to find out the guys dad was sitting next to Malia and Lehua. They thought we were heading to BYU. Funny...anyway. We got to Salt Lake and immediately hit the stores that were opened. Shortly after we decided it was time for a late night snack and we headed to chili's. Just starting the trip out right! Finally we headed to Lei's where we got ready for our next day trip to snowbasin for a little snowboarding. I slept so good that night. No babies waking me up! The next morning we headed to the mountain around 8:00. You know something bads going to happen when I am the most experienced snowboarder of the group...yikes! It was Lehua's first time to snowboard and Malia's first time to ski. Let's just say that it didn't turn out okay for Malia. To make a long story short Malia ended up crashing and had to be on crutches the rest of the time:( As for Lehua, She picked up snowplowing real good! Thank goodness for the helmets though. I always thought I was to cool for the helmet, but after wearing one all day, I won't go without one. I definitely felt safer.

Malia(before crash), Leilani, and Lehua

I know we are pretty cool:) After an eventful day of snowborading we headed home. I decided to go with Lei to pick up my dad at the airport. After picking him up we went to Lei's work party. We bowled and ate pizza. I don't think there's any sport my dad doesn't know how to do! He was giving me pointers on how to bowl and it was actually helping my sad score. Thanks dad! After that we headed back to pick up the other girls and headed to of all places...Walmart:( Not the funnest place in the world but we needed neccessities, like stuff to make smoothies. We stayed up watching movies, okay I fell asleep on the couch while the other four watched a movie. The next day was reserved for shopping. Me, Lehua, and Kanani headed off to shop while Leilani and Malia went to the doctor. We all met back up and went to see "17 Again" which I recommend to all people. Super Cute! I have a crush on Zach Efron like all teenagers out there. After the movie Me, Kanani, and Lehua headed back to the mall and Leilani and Malia spent the rest of there day in the car running a taxi for the children. That night we played dodgeball. I'm totally not good at dodgeball! But it was fun none the less. Here's Lehua's get up for the night..

Never a dull moment with the NTVD Girls! After working hard and sweating, we headed to Texas Roadhouse for some grub. It was fantastic as always. The next morning we woke and packed up. The trip went way to fast if you ask me, but all good things must come to an end. We finished off the trip once again shopping and eating. I was the first to leave and slept the whole flight home. I got home to a clean house and a wonderful hubby and kids! Until next sister trip...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's midnight and I can't sleep. This happens alot since my mom passed away. I settle down for the night only to find my mind thinking, remembering, crying. Someone told me that the best way to grieve was to talk about it, so here i am blogging cause everyones alseep. Why is it that my mind only wants to remember the last three months? She was an amazing mother, an amazing woman of faith, a hardworker. A person I want to become like. But all my mind wants to think about was the sickness, the sadness, the goodbye's. These past three months have been the hardest, most amazing months of my life. Sorry if this doesn't make sense, but I'm just writing what I think. It was so hard to see my mom so sick. She wasn't able to do anything for herself. We had to remind her sometimes how to suck out of a straw. It was heartbreaking. But the vail was so thin in that little living room that you didn't want to leave. Being able to help take care of my mom that last month was something I will cherish the rest of my life. It seems so minut compared to all she did for me. She didn't make sense alot of the time when she would talk to us. Sometimes she would call for me. For a couple of days I was her comfort. Me and my sisters would take turns sleeping in the living room with her. I happened to be sleeping in the bedroom the night she told my sisters "kuliana is comfort". Why was I comfort to her? Was it because I was her baby? Was she mixed up and meant that she wanted to comfort me? I don't know... I like to think that maybe I was so good that she found comfort in me, but we all know that Lehua was the good one! That's one thing I'm going to ask her when I see her again. To see her again... it's true I will see her again and it will be a joyous reunion. I wonder what she's doing. I picture her with a list of "things to do". I'm sure she already has most of the things checked off. She was so ready to leave and get busy. She kept telling us that she had stuff do and that she needed to get going. I imagine her singing in the most amazing heavenly choir... no i take that back, she is for sure directing that choir! She loved music. I found a journal of hers that she had typed and printed for all us kids. It covered most of me and my siblings infant and toddler years. She and my aunt leaora always had some big production going on that I wish I could have witnessed, but I was either not born, or just a baby. One of her entry's she confessed to having someone else nurse me because she was in the middle of a huge choir program of some sort and couldn't feed me. Gross, I know! But I forgive her! You know whats the weirdest is thinking back to last october. I was down for the fair weekend and we all went to the parade. We hung out never suspecting what was just around the corner. I wish I had more pictures of her with my kids. I wish my kids could have taken piano lessons from her. I wish I'd learned how to can things with her. I wish, i wish, i wish..... The list could go on and on. I never thought losing a loved one was so stinkin hard. I couldn't imagine if it was my spouse. My poor dad! If I feel this way then he feels a hundred times worse. Robert is pretty onry with him lately. But how else is he supposed to deal with it. I imagine that's how a 5/6 year old would deal with losing his mom. No one understood him like my mom. And now she's gone and none of us can take her spot. Poor guy. He has such simple faith and understands more then the rest of us. He humbles us. My mom never once complained of the pain she was in. She told us that she would be strong for the grandchildren. She stayed true to her word. Even towards the end when she couldn't say much and we didn't understand her she always brightened up for the grandkids. She smiled at them and many times told them she loved them. Sweet little Kylee even got kisses from grandma. There was so many sweet, tender mercies witnessed that last month. To sacred and special for me to say, but to important for me to forget. I'll have to write them down so I never forget. Life is short people. Enjoy every little thing, every little detail, everything. What a wonderful Father in Heaven to make such a beautiful plan. A plan that makes it possible for us to be together forever. A plan so perfectly thought out. A plan that helps me want to live better. It's time for me to try to go to bed. I have to be a mother in the morning. So until next time when I can't sleep...


Can you believe this guy is 30! 30 has been good for him. He's put on a few 20 pounds, but i personally thinks it looks good! He looks more grown up with it on:) Anyway I was a total bummer for his birthday this year. April suggested I throw him a 70's party since he was born then, but i chose the lazy route and went with making him the ugliest cake in the world and having dinner(he requested biscuits and gravy) with me and the kids at home. That's right we didn't even get to go out because he had scouts that night. I even tried to take him to lunch, but he insisted that he needed to help pour concrete at the new house. Cash's don't really care for birthdays, can you tell? Anyway, Todd loves german chocolate cake so me and April made him one from scratch. We had this great idea to put it in a bundt pan but ended up putting way to much batter in the pan. I decided to check the cake and put a butter knife in it to see if it was done and the whole cake fell in the middle. Then as I was turning the pan upside down to get it out it broke in half. I put it back together with the frosting. So needless to say it was the ugliest cake ever, but it tasted pretty darn good!

Here's some things Todds been up to:

*working hard saling fuel
*traveling for work
*keeping up with the webelos in scouts
*working hard to finish our house that we put on the market:(
*getting pulled over by cops almost everyday (he has a big red target on his truck or something)!
*wrestling with the kids
*working on our lawn
*keeping me happy:)
*going to soccer games
*just being the best dad and husband ever!


Happy late B-day!

I'm only a couple weeks late on this but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAEKON! I can't believe he is already 6. It makes me feel really old all of a sudden. We were in Arizona for spring break and his birthday (thank goodness) fell right in the middle of it. He absolutely loves his COUSINS so what better way then to spend an entire week with them. All he wanted was chocolate cake and pizza so that night I ordered a ton a pizza and made a chocolate cake. He wanted a batman cake so I left Lehua with the outline of the batman emblem and a knife and told her to get to it. She did awesome!!! Thanks Lehua! I don't have a picture cause it's on Malia's camera, but it looked just like batman. We ate and then had a pinata. It was his favorite birthday and I didn't have to do much! Thank goodness for fun cousins:) Here some things Traekon's been up to:

*playing soccer
*he really wants to be in karate
*playing with the dog (yep I gave in)
*going to kindergarten, although sometimes he's forced
*going to golf class
*He loves to color and do crafts and loves art class at school
*begging to go to someone else's house every chance he gets
*fighting with his sister
*learning how to read (which he's not interested in!)

Traekon is such a joy to have in our family! I love watching him grow and learn. WE LOVE YOU Traekon!

This is typical Traekon!