Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lots of 1st

There's been lots of first's going on here at the Cash home, but I have failed to keep up with blogging about them so here you go... It's going to be long so you might not want to continue unless you have lots of time! The pictures are in random order of occurance, because I can't remember what happened first. The pictures aren't to great because most are from my phone.

First lost tooth pulled out by Great Granpa Cash with a string and a knot!

First smack down by his Auntie Kamron (by accident of course!)

First Stripe in Ju Jistsu

First soccer practice and game

First day of Preschool

First day of 1st grade, and isn't he cool!

First Cash Construction home built in Albuquerque

First break in of our new home...and hopefully the last!

First wall painted in our new home (Kenzi's room)

And last today was our primaries sacrament program. The first I've ever written. Thanks to a loving Heavenly Father who listened to my pleas for help, the program was a hit. The kids did awesome, the music was great, and the spirit was so strong! Now I can breath again:) Until next time....