Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All grown up

So Traekon is all grown up today and proclaimed that he was running away. Oh and that he hated me. Alas, it is true from the words of my 6 year old " you are the meanest mom". Traekon loves to take his time getting his chores done in the morning so when it came time to brush his hair and teeth he had no time. He was appalled that I made him leave without doing these two very important things because he was g0ing to look "dumb". Yep he's already worried about his image. Oh and so funny... we've been telling the kids how they are following satan when they are grumpy and angry. So he also told me that I was following satan. He was pulling out the punches this morning for sure! How badly I wanted to let him just do these things, but I stuck to my guns and now I'm wondering if he'll actually run away after school or if he'll return? Guess we'll find out at 4:00.


Andy and Michele said...

So, did he come home? What's up with six year olds and their attitudes?! Beckie used to be so sweet, and she still is, just not nearly as often. What's a mom to do?

BlairsTown said...

Oh so funny! Aren't our children just lovely. When my kids tell me that I'm being mean I tell them good, I'm doing my job!

The Halls said...

My dad always tells me that mean moms make good boys (he thinks I'm a mean mom,too!) He just enjoys his grandpa role while I have to all the dirty work. I love the satan part...hilarious.